Preschool Age

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Preschool Age

Preschool Age | Sunbeam Day Care Home - Palo Alto, CA

You can feel good about sending your child to Sunbeam Day Care Home in East Palo Alto, California. Our team of childhood development experts will challenge your child’s creativity and intellect.

We know how important early childhood education is for children and their active minds. When you pick up your child after work he or she will be buzzing with excitement to tell you about the wonderful new things they learned at school.

• Learning their ABCs –Our preschool teachers take learning to read and write very seriously. Your kids will learn their ABCs in our care by reading colorful books and doing creative projects. We know how to make reading fun!

• Learning How to Count–Your one-two-threes are just as important as your ABCs! With first grade just around the corner, your little one needs to practice his or her counting skills. We play number games and sing songs that will help your little ones learn how to count. Their first grade teacher will be impressed with how much they already know!

• Learning Games–Sunbeam Day Care Home knows that the more fun children have in preschool, the more eager they will be to learn. We teach them games that improve memory retention and neural plasticity. Your child will take the skills that he or she learns with us and be able to apply them to the rest of his or her education career.

• Art Projects–We understand the important of exercising both sides of the brain. The art projects we do are intended to tap into your child's creativity and learn to express in new and exciting ways.

Sunbeam Day Care Home offers state-of-the-art child learning programs that will make your little ones excited about getting up for preschool in the morning. Our staff is prepared to answer all your questions, so call us today for more information about the programs that we offer.